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About Us has been founded to offer you over 20 years of know-how and experience in the IT field.  Supporting our customers and principals with friendly, professional and Superior Value Added Quality Service. To differentiate our business in the marketplace, we are focused on a strategy of execution, diversification and innovation.

"We are Turkey's niche distributor of computer products, embedded technology and IOT Solutions." proudly represents, on an exclusive basis, products of many top notch nationwide manufacturers / principals in Turkey and Middle East. We market, distribute and add value to a wide variety of enterprise computer products and embedded subsystems. brings a breadth and depth of capabilities that help its trading partners accelerate growth and realize cost efficiencies.

Our customers including; System Integrators, Independent Software Vendors, and IT Resellers depend on ModaBT to help cost-effectively support the technology needs of end users of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB), large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumers. has the unique position to provide a broad range of product lines, logistics capabilities and value-added services that enable technology manufacturers and resellers to deploy IT solutions. Doing business with Laran gives solutions providers end-to-end access to a vast array of technology products, including the latest consumer technology, software, mobility, and data center offerings. These products are offered in conjunction with a comprehensive range of value-added services.

Cratus Technology Solutions and Services are now available in EMEA !

Cratus TechCRATUS is a Silion Valley based US company that develops sensor centric products and systems with embedded algorithms for the connected world. CRATUS serves the Internet of Things (IoT) market with innovative applications.
CRATUS products, systems and sub-systems are customized for markets with requirements driven from the specific needs of each application. is the exclusive distributor / representative of the Cratus Technology in the EMEA region.

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iStarUSA GroupiStarUSA Group has over 20 years of experience in the industrial computer industry. iStarUSA manufactures industrial and redundant power supplies, server cases, server & rackmount cabinets, server racks, data storage, and provides OEM/ODM Design and Manufacturing services. is the exclusive distributor / representative of the iStarUSA Group in the EMEA region.
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AsRock RACKASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, specialized in the field of Cloud Computing server hardware. While inheriting ASRock’s design concepts, “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness”, the company is dedicated to bring the Server Industry out of the box thinking with the passion to innovate. Leveraged by ASRock’s growing momentum and distribution channels, this young and vibrant company targets at the booming market of Cloud Computing, and commits to serve the market with user friendly and eco friendly Do It Yourself Server hardware, featuring flexible and reliable products.
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Cratus Product Development Services:

Cratus TechCRATUS provides product development and consulting services to clients and partners. We believe in the success of our customers, clients, service providers, vendors and ecosystem partners. Their success means our success.
CRATUS leverages in-house expertise as services to clients by developing products in IoT applications for a broad spectrum of markets: Applications in consumer electronics, wearables, medical, sporting equipment, wellness, civil infrastructure, agriculture and commerce infrastructure are some of the products which we have developed or supported for our clients to bring their concepts to market. CRATUS is a sensor-centric product development company.

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OEM/ODM Design & Manufacturing:

In order to give you the best possible service, Laran has teamediStarTR up with iStarUSA Group to create a one stop source for OEM/ODM manufacturing solutions in the domestic and international markets. Thanks to the decades of experience and innovative engineering capabilities of iStarUSA Group, Laran now offers OEM/ODM Services at global industry standards. Laran Technology is sure to provide you with the most  individualized and superb solutions.

For more information on iStarUSA products, solutions and services please visit our website:
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Shared Values

Integrity and Respect
The foundation of our business is integrity. All interactions with customers, vendor partners, suppliers, shareholders and team members must be conducted with integrity, ethics and mutual respect.

We invest in our team members and provide a professional, challenging and rewarding environment where we work together as one cohesive team to share ideas and resources.

Strategic business relationships with customers and vendor partners produce mutual benefits. We value those relationships and invest in their long-term development.

Passion for Winning
We aspire to be the best at everything we do, always striving to be the first choice for our customers and vendor partners.

We promote an environment of personal accountability that delivers consistent results against commitments. We all take responsibility for each team decision.

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